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Written by hhb in the Happy Bachelors Forum http://happybachelor.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=best&action=display&thread=5012

Bachelors are single precisely because they know what woman is, will be, and has been. A married man is clearly someone who did not know what was going on. People also make the assumption that being married is better than single – there is much to sell to woman in our materialist Anglosphere – so the merchants that be can’t say single is better, lest their sales of useless items go south permanently, thus our merchant culture of matrimony. Marriage has always been an obligation to man, but at least he got a hefty dowry from the woman in the past to compensate him for his troubles.

We all know in the Anglosphere that for men and women the majority of marriages end in divorce. Add the divorced to the never married and the majority are single, and stay that way.

Not-married is the norm for most people today.

Moreover, it is safe to say a relationship that leads to marriage is not a measure of success for a man, although society would have you think otherwise, but then again matriarchal wage slaves are needed to keep it running.

In our present reality, marriage, most of the time, is the first step towards divorce. It has a lousy track record. Statistically, most divorced people marry again (and divorce again.) The majority of first marriages end in divorce. The majority of second marriages end in divorce. The majority of third marriages end in divorce, etc. It seems folks like marriage, but they don’t like who they marry. In other words, if your car was as reliable as marriage, every time you got in it you’d have a better than one in two chance of crashing.

Thus, following reason, one should marry someone you don’t like and make someone miserable who deserves it. As the comedian said, he was going to buy a house and give it away to a woman he hates and skip the entire marriage/divorce part.

That is a fact of life today.

Anyway we cut it, marriage is a failure as it is now employed, which implies the married man is a failure – right out of the gate.

Furthermore, we all know of the study by the marriage counsel of Princeton University reporting that the marriage rate has never been lower. For such a “great” institution, marriage has a lousy track record that is only getting worse – record high divorces and record low proposal rates.

Wishing is wanting it to be better. Reason tells us it is in jeopardy as a social institution.

Single men far and wide are some of the happiest people in the world. They are successful in their endeavors of choice and their accomplishments of them, while the married man is still dreaming of his – which he knows he will never attain – slaves are accustom to dreaming, freemen are accustom to living their dreams out.


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Gobble, gobble…..

Written by christopheroregon in HBF


Another one of my co-workers has just been plucked clean as a Thanksgiving turkey this week by his ex wife.

Him: 32, three kids.

Income: Base salary: $60,000 a year. Supplemental income has pretty much dried up.

Her: 29, ditto on the kids.

Income: About $50,000 a year.

He had inherited his parent’s home free and clear. She was awarded the home, subject to review after the youngest child is grown. Meaning: he’ll never see the place again, since the youngest child is two.

She gets full and total custody of all children due to false allegations of domestic abuse.

Child support amounts to a whopping $1500 a month.

She will receive $1000 a month in spousal support, to be reduced slightly every year, I believe. I’m not sure of the duration.

She was awarded both cars.

She was awarded all furniture and all household items.

She was awarded all bank accounts.

She even took his X-Box and all of his video games. Even Halo. :o

Just so you don’t think he was forgotten:

He was awarded all marital debts, which are sizable. Including the car payment for the one car that wasn’t paid for.

He was awarded his bicycle.

He was awarded an entire closet full of his clothing. Wow!

He was awarded the value of half his comic book collection, which is considerable. She, of course, has custody of the comic books, and who knows how she’ll dispose of them and for what price.

He was given zero custody of “her” children, and zero visitation. Possible supervised visitation to be decided at a later date. Depending on his behavior.

He was awarded a continuation of a restraining order that bars him from any contact from his ex-wife, or his, uh, HER children. No contact, accidental or otherwise. Any violation of this restraining order will land him in jail- period.

He stands to quite possibly lose his career due to the false DV charges.

Some pertinent facts: His wife has been hostile and violent to both he and the children. The judge, a female, basically ignored his accusations.

His ex-wife is threatening to move to Florida, and he will, in all probability, never see his children again if that happens.

Now, for the fun part:

After subtracting for child support, spousal support, a car payment, and her credit card debt, he is left with (drum roll):

Approximately $160 a month to live on. Yes, let me repeat that:

One-hundred-sixty dollars and an odd number of cents. Give or take.

This has to cover food, rent, transportation, replacement of lost household items….basically everything. One-hundred-sixty dollars a month.

What? You want more? You greedy little devils, you. Okay. It gets better.

He was maxing out his overtime prior to the divorce. Working right and left. A part time job, to boot.

Sounds good? Right? Well, no. Due to the economy, his part time work has just evaporated. Plus, his overtime has been all but eliminated.

Well, the courts being fair and all, he’ll just trot on down to the court house and get a reduction in payments to his wife, right?



No such luck. By maintaining a high income in the recent past, he has shown his POTENTIAL to earn the higher amount, and any drop in pay will be viewed as a deliberate attempt to defraud his ex-wife out of what she is entitled to receive.

This guy is in a state of shock. He has no recourse, no avenues of escape, no nuthin’. He is trapped, neutered, castrated, hog-tied and doomed.

Oh, I almost forgot. He got to keep his bicycle helmet. Actually, he snuck it out when no one was looking. On the day he was served with notice by police to vacate the premises, he was given fifteen minutes to remove his clothing and his bicycle. He was allowed to remove nothing else.

Imagine this: he’s standing in the front yard of the house he was given by his now deceased parents, trying desperately to gather up a large pile of clothing and load it up on his bicycle before his fifteen minutes ran out. That’s what happened to him.

And what’ll probably happen to you if you’re stupid enough to get married.

Christopher in Oregon

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