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Happy Bachelors Forum is now up with it’s own site. It’s been a long while since I’ve updated the Happy Bachelors blog but this new update must be posted. Ever since Proboards has taken down the Happy Bachelors Forum for no stated reason or for unknown reason almost a week ago, the new Happy Bachelors Forum is now up and running its own site with its new team. I’ve updated the blogroll for the link and you may check it out here http://www.happybachelorsforum.com/

Just let you know, the author of this blog will not be involved with any administration or even membership of the new Happy Bachelors Forum until further news which may be posted in this blog. I support the idea of whatever it takes to live life as a happy bachelor.


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Happy Bachelors Forum is open for public view but only for the Best of Happy Bachelors http://happybachelor.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=best

Best of Happy Bachelors board will contain the best topics of Happy Bachelors after the moderating team decides to move threads created by any member after one week to here deemed to be the best.

Everyone may read any topic in this board. Threads cannot be created in this board but all members may reply to this board.

For anyone who is not a member yet, please do register to the Happy Bachelors Forum to see many great boards, topics, and replies here. The Happy Bachelors forum is to help live life as a happy bachelor or at least MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way).

Best Regards,
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Written by hhb in the Happy Bachelors Forum http://happybachelor.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=best&action=display&thread=5012

Bachelors are single precisely because they know what woman is, will be, and has been. A married man is clearly someone who did not know what was going on. People also make the assumption that being married is better than single – there is much to sell to woman in our materialist Anglosphere – so the merchants that be can’t say single is better, lest their sales of useless items go south permanently, thus our merchant culture of matrimony. Marriage has always been an obligation to man, but at least he got a hefty dowry from the woman in the past to compensate him for his troubles.

We all know in the Anglosphere that for men and women the majority of marriages end in divorce. Add the divorced to the never married and the majority are single, and stay that way.

Not-married is the norm for most people today.

Moreover, it is safe to say a relationship that leads to marriage is not a measure of success for a man, although society would have you think otherwise, but then again matriarchal wage slaves are needed to keep it running.

In our present reality, marriage, most of the time, is the first step towards divorce. It has a lousy track record. Statistically, most divorced people marry again (and divorce again.) The majority of first marriages end in divorce. The majority of second marriages end in divorce. The majority of third marriages end in divorce, etc. It seems folks like marriage, but they don’t like who they marry. In other words, if your car was as reliable as marriage, every time you got in it you’d have a better than one in two chance of crashing.

Thus, following reason, one should marry someone you don’t like and make someone miserable who deserves it. As the comedian said, he was going to buy a house and give it away to a woman he hates and skip the entire marriage/divorce part.

That is a fact of life today.

Anyway we cut it, marriage is a failure as it is now employed, which implies the married man is a failure – right out of the gate.

Furthermore, we all know of the study by the marriage counsel of Princeton University reporting that the marriage rate has never been lower. For such a “great” institution, marriage has a lousy track record that is only getting worse – record high divorces and record low proposal rates.

Wishing is wanting it to be better. Reason tells us it is in jeopardy as a social institution.

Single men far and wide are some of the happiest people in the world. They are successful in their endeavors of choice and their accomplishments of them, while the married man is still dreaming of his – which he knows he will never attain – slaves are accustom to dreaming, freemen are accustom to living their dreams out.

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Written by edred30 in HBF

True story.

This goes to show that some things the old man says actually sink in to a 15 year old’s skull.

I was sitting around yesterday with my son and two of his pals. They were going about their business as if I wasn’t there.

One of his buddies (we’ll call Aron), as well as my son, have gotten numerous lectures on the nature of the female. A lot came from the wisdom on this site.

The other friend (we’ll call Preston), who isn’t around as much, got a surprise when he brought up a certain topic. The conversation went like this, almost verbatim:

Son: I’m saving up for such and such video game so I’ll have the money when it comes out.

Preston: I don’t have any money for video games. Some guys spend all their money on girls.

Son and Aron (simultaneously): Laughs. You’re spending your money on girls? Dude, you’re retarded. The chicks are laughing at you behind your back saying “he’s a real sucker”. If she was gonna do you, she’d do you. You’re flushing your money down the crapper.

Preston just sat there dumbfounded.

The boys made the old man proud. And maybe P will think twice before wasting his money.

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Written by hhb in HBF

1. Do not fight the system. You will lose and the system is totally fucked up.

2. Never disclosed the essence of your personal beliefs and values to anyone, especially to women. Live in stealth mode. Tell people what they want to hear.

3. Never trust a woman that is nice to you. Remember, that all women want something.

4. Never discuss politics, MRA, economics, religion with anyone. Remember, the public is full of non-thinking idiots that parrots sound bites.

5. Be the best you can be at all times. Learn new skills. Show people that you are the best.

6. Never lose control or patience with women. View all women as you would with the same disgust as you would of homosexual males. Remember, most women are mediocre people at best.

7. Never be afraid to get rid of old friends.

8. Stay in shape with exercise.

9. Keep a positive outlook no matter what happens. Never get mad or have rage against anyone or anything it is not worth it. Most people do not have an impact on your life.

10. Avoid television and pop culture at all costs.

11. Avoid single mothers with kids like the plague.

12. Never do any harm. Let others live in their own misery.

13. Never have sex with women. A woman’s vagina is a cesspool of disease and filth. Today’s independent women have the same amount of STD’s and HIV as the average prostitute.

14. Never get married. The little sex you will receive does not outweigh the aggravation and financial ruin that will eventually happen.

15. Learn to be happy living by yourself. Stay busy.

16. Develop a mission in life.

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My first post of this blog dedicated to being and living a life as a happy bachelor. The Happy Bachelors Forum is for all bachelors and MGTOW(Men Going Their Own Way).


The Administrator of Happy Bachelors.

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