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Happy Bachelors Forum is now up with it’s own site. It’s been a long while since I’ve updated the Happy Bachelors blog but this new update must be posted. Ever since Proboards has taken down the Happy Bachelors Forum for no stated reason or for unknown reason almost a week ago, the new Happy Bachelors Forum is now up and running its own site with its new team. I’ve updated the blogroll for the link and you may check it out here http://www.happybachelorsforum.com/

Just let you know, the author of this blog will not be involved with any administration or even membership of the new Happy Bachelors Forum until further news which may be posted in this blog. I support the idea of whatever it takes to live life as a happy bachelor.


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Reposted by Outcastsuperstar in HBF in the Best of Happy Bachelors. Great piece written by tiredofit from the Don’t Get Married Board.

All men should NOT Marry

Young men shouldn’t marry… because they have their talents, dreams, and future to utilize. Women will marry young men as a sort of “down payment”, a future retirement plan.

Old men shouldn’t marry… because of their assets and wealth to be taken, and older women resemble mummies. Young women marry old men for the money when he dies.

Poor men shouldn’t marry… because they will forever remain a wage slave, working, working, working, until the day he dies or retires in his sixties. If she divorces, he is enslaved to child support payments and often kicked out of his own house.

Rich men shouldn’t marry… because most of the women will be gold diggers. During the marriage, she will siphon off much assets and wealth her way. If a divorce comes, she will take off with a good chunk of the cash.

Men with dreams shouldn’t marry… because the wife will stomp on those dreams and say that your purpose on Earth is to please her. You should either be pleasing her or making money for her to spend. Dreams are for children, dear.

Men without dreams shouldn’t marry… because all the pleasures you take in life, be it fishing, hunting, gaming, motorcycling, or football, will be diminished greatly if not removed entirely. Your hobbies become ‘guilt trips’ while your wife’s hobbies become ‘quality time’.

Religious men shouldn’t marry… because marriage has nothing at all to do with being religious. Jesus didn’t marry. Monks don’t marry. Churches are not men’s friends. Every church allows tons of divorces including Catholic Churches (under the skyrocketing annulments).

Non-religious men shouldn’t marry… because you are getting married to the government. If you say, “That is absurd! Married to the government? Ho ho! I am married to my woman!” then watch how the State falls upon your head when a divorce comes. “But I will never become divorced!” Then you get to remain in the Government sanctioned sex program that is called “Marriage”. What! You don’t think it is a government program? Try having sex outside of marriage. You may get away with it for a while… until a child appears and you get slammed with child support. You could co-habitate, yes, but the state will declare you two married and then you become “institutionalized” into marriage. Threats to the government sex program, i.e. marriage, such as prostitution is attacked and removed at every point. And the reason why the “free sex” exists out there in the first place is for the women, not the men, which is why media and even men say that getting laid is ‘getting lucky’ as if women have bestowed a favor on the guy.

What does all this mean?

It means DO NOT MARRY. It is not because women have a self-interest in regards to marriage. It is because male interests in marriage have been legislated out of existence. In Church, male interests have been moralized out of existence (while her interests are extolled).

Culturally, you will always be seen as a loser. Despite the gain of fame or wealth, you still remain a loser… only a USEFUL loser. Society will re-configure itself so that women are right… always… and forever… If a law says women should go to jail for murder… well, the courts will say, “She was distressed. It could not have been her fault,” and behold how the woman goes free. If a woman is in an argument, society and everyone will shift so the woman, in question, is right. If religion contradicts women, those parts of the religion will be left out. If history contradicts women then history will be re-edited so women are right. If Nature contradicts women (STDs, cervical cancer, can’t have children when 40), it is declared a “social crisis” and scientists are set to task of “fixing” the problem.

Not marrying won’t make you free and happy. But it will keep you from the shackles. You may think being lonely and single is misery, but it is paradise compared to the TRUE MISERY of marriage.

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Written by newer member of HBF, garvan as the thread is in the Best of Happy Bachelors http://happybachelor.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=best&action=display&thread=5531

Why Marriage Is Never Coming Back

Before the modern age we lived in a time where resources were tough to come by, work needed muscle, and the threat of death by ANYTHING was large, people banded together for their own mutual survival.

Marriage was one of the ways that humans banded together.

Marriage wasn’t perfect, but it enabled a man and a woman to maximize their survival potential. This wasn’t a time where the big problems were coming home fifteen minutes late and missing your favourite show. Hell this wasn’t even a time where because dinner wasn’t made you might go hungry for a day. This was a time where at any moment you could die, a wild animal, an unknown disease, drought, a falling rock, or even another human. Life was not something taken for granted.

Marriage wasn’t happiness. Marriage was survival. Marriage was optimal in many ways. Marriage provided ways of passing wealth down biological lineage, support, and created new members in a society or tribe in a time where there were much less human beings.

Technology changed everything.

Those of us in the western world no longer have worry about our daily bread. We no longer need someone to wash our clothes. We no longer need protection from many of the problems of the past. While many of us work longer hours than many of our ancestors, we no longer need to work to survive.

Homeless people don’t starve en masse, I can’t say it’s the healthiest living, but it’s a hell of a lot better than living through some of the periods in which ANY food would have been a blessing. I myself know many homeless men and women who manage to get by through pan handling, soup kitchens, and charity work. What can I say, I get along quite well with street urchin.

This is of course not even taking into account the mass of people on welfare or disability.

We no longer live in a world where we need interpersonal relationships for physical survival. Marriage was no longer needed for daily survival.

Marriage, which once required for survival had become outdated. I can’t necessarily place when our technology had made our co-dependence unnecessary, however it most likely happened without us truly realizing it. The change wouldn’t have even been noticeable to most… it would have simply manifested itself as more free time to be spent how an individual wished.

People however were quite stuck in their ways and traditions. Marriage was still looked upon as an ideal to live to, even as more and more technology was given to the masses to free up more of their time.

We even got to a point where as humans, we had so MUCH free time we didn’t know how to spend it all. Television, video games, and all sorts of other media came out to entertain us as now BOREDOM became a larger worry than being killed.

In truth, marriage isn’t natural. It was survival optimization. Humans are masters of bending nature to suit our own survival.

In previous eras, hunting was the optimal way of getting food. If you were hungry, you’d better make damn sure you caught something, even a squirrel… even if it took hours.

If you went out in today’s world with a sharp stick and spent eight hours to kill some squirrels for a bit of nibbling, not only would people think you’re weird, you’d probably think yourself as an idiot since you could’ve easily spent those eight hours working to get some food at the store, and still have tons left over.

We’re now in the age where marriage is as optimal as hunting squirrels with a stick.

For women, survival really ISN’T dependant on a man. Though most women would much rather have a man give them stuff, women recognize they’re not going to die from not having a man around.

Most women truly weren’t meant for marriage, and that’s fine. It wasn’t their nature, as many studies have shown. Their nature in regards to men was hypergamous. But starvation, death and rape fears, not being able to raise their children due to lack of support… those sorts of things can make a woman repress her nature. Under the threat of death, a person will do many things that go against their nature. Mind you, a lot of the reason a woman is even able to do what she does now is because of the government’s laws giving her tons of advantage and support by taking it from hard working men… but now a woman doesn’t need any particular man as long as the masses subsidise her. Women only worked at making marriage work when they knew they’d be dead without it.

Now that marriage isn’t needed for survival, women can finally indulge in their true nature, and have been doing so by riding the cock carousel like we see now.

Men on the other hand are only adapting now.

A man is no longer are NEEDED to support any one woman. Any additional support that a man gives is taken for granted as really, she doesn’t have any immediate fears of being killed. However, men are still stuck in the same mating strategy of using support and their ability to provide to get women through marriage. It’s a strategy that may have worked when women were actually afraid of dying without a man… but the threat of death is no longer imminent enough to make a provider desirable.

Now it’s our turn to fucking realize, marriage is an outdated sub-optimal mating strategy, especially when women are more worried about being bored than being killed. As even common men, we’ve certainly got options (more so than ANY TIME in history), the question is what one will make you happy?

Game allows us to mate through giving women what they emotionally want. Mastery allows all access to a plethora of women.

Prostitution and escorts allow us to trade money (which some of us have in abundance) and trade it for an even greater plethora of women, minus the bitching and effort game requires.

Then for those who refuse to adapt and find happiness in this new system there are some countries which are still far enough behind where marriage is an optimal survival strategy. You can always find companionship there.

There’s the ghost option. Some people work best alone, and some of the greatest minds of our civilization never married or had sex.

Some others still have taken the virtual route, like in Japan with love pillows and dating sims, or in North America with real dolls. In next 50 years, the perfect robot companion may be waiting at home to serve you dutifully and make you happy.

Yeah, maybe civilization is crumbling. Maybe we’re reaching a new level. I’m not certain where the future is going… all I know is that I WANT TO MAKE ME HAPPY. Now, that marriage doesn’t make life easier, and women don’t NEED it, I don’t have to worry about anyone else but myself.

I can choose to live my life in my own choosing, and have little worries of death the same way my ancestors did, and that’s an awesome thing.

Now, are you going to hunt fucking squirrels with a goddamn stick caveman, or are you going to use the ability of adaptation like your ancestors before you had use to survive, and figure out what works for this time period for the survival of your own happiness?

The way is yours to choose.

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This was written in the HBF as a reply by bothrops of thread started by oldschoolbmx37 “I’m a feminist with opinions and I swear a lot ”

Written and thread started by by oldschoolbmx37

Just another few minutes spent browsing POF.

Works great you feel lonely… you see what you do NOT want to get involved with. I feel like a million bucks again!

Replied by bothrops

LOL! I like POF for a laugh and it is a good deterrent. I also like to try to decipher what it is they are actually saying. They are actually telling you the truth it is just coded.

I am a good girl now

Translation: I fucked every guy from here to Timbuktu who smiled at me.. You however are going to have to ply me with expensive dates before you even get a peek. I will make you wait a few dates minimum so you don’t think I am a whore. Tee-hee.

I am opinionated” ,”I will say what I think to your face

Translation: I am a fucking idiot. I have no social tact and I am missing that part of my brain that regulates inhibition. I am a foul loud-mouthed bitch.

“Athletic”,”Rubenesque”,”Curvy”,”A little Extra”,”extra [padding”,”not a barbie”,”baby weight”,BBW

Translation: Fat,fat,fat,fat,fat,fat,fat with stretch marks and land whale

“Tired of playing games”

Translation:I have a kid or I am damaged goods. I may also have psychological problems so severe I cannot keep anyone around longer than a one night stand. I would play the games if I could and will definitely be playing them on your ass. Call me!

“I can drink like a man”,”I like sports”,”Can hang with the guys”

Translation: I am a gross pig. I have no idea how to act like a woman much less a lady. I do like to drink but don’t really care about sports. I will only feign interest in your activities long enough to wiggle my way into your life. You gonna finish that beer?

“I am a tomboy”

Translation: Just like the “I like sports line” I think this is something you guys want to hear. When this online dating thing started a few women out of a million were actually tomboys or liked sports and we noticed that got mens attention. Now we are all tomboys and ass kicking rambos. Call us!

“I am a single mom”,”My children are the main focus in my life”,”My kids come first”

Translation: I made a mistake. Ok a series of mistakes that left me with mouth(s) to feed. Help me pay for my mistakes! My children really are the light of my life. I always make sure to drop them off at my mom’s before I go hit the clubs. I would like a wallet,er man to finance er…um date me. About the time you get attached to my kid I will start screwing other guys.

“I am not a girly girl”

Translation:[See tomboy and also drinking like a man.] I am very much a girly girl except I do not cook,clean or do anything a woman should know how to do. This term is also deceptive as I am so emotionally unstable (aka girly) that I will scream and cry at the drop of a hat. I can’t wait for you to do something wrong so I can complain about it for months.

“Need a real man”, “Where are all the good men?”

Translation: I am a smart,sophisticated woman who is not a girly girl. None of you wimps will look past my bitchiness and permascowl and ask me out. I want someone to open doors and do my bidding for me. Looking for a REAL man to treat me like the real lady I am not.

“Smart”,”Sophisticated”,”educated”,”Upwardly mobile”

Translation: I went to college and you should have too if you you want to fuck me. What? You are an aircraft mechanic? You make more than I do in my quasi-executive job? I don’t care! I don’t date retards. I need a man to pay off my student loans and finance that McMansion I always dreamed of. How can I brag to my friends about your PhD and the Ivy League school you went to if you never got past community college? Also please note I only want to work a few more years so then I can stay home with our children. Let’s meet at an alumni event!

“Tired of players,liars,cheaters and fakes”

Translation: I am actually all of the above but now my looks are fading or I have a kid. This is why I no longer like games at the moment because I just lost at playing them. All of them.

“I’m sweet, smart, compassionate, empathetic, hard-working, an awesome mom,”

Translation: See: Tired of players. See: I am a single mom.

“Not sure what I am looking for”, “Is this for real?”,”Just looking!”

Translation: Just seeing how many guys will respond. If you are rich as Bill Gates and as good looking as Brad Pitt I MIGHT reply. Probably not. Ego boost for me either way. Message me.

” I am outdoorsy”,”I like camping”,”A country girl”

Translation: I went running in a park once so I totally know how that guy felt when he climbed that big mountain. Everready was it?
Anyway I don’t really like outdoors and the only camping we will be doing is at the Hilton. I mean there is all that dirt and bugs and no indoor plumbing. Gross! Small spiders scare me as does anything that looks like a bug.

“I like operas”,”I like fine dining”,”trips”,”travel”,”museums”,”finer things”,etc.

Translation: No romance without finance! You must have a wallet big enough to satisfy me. I can drain even the biggest within a night and then it is on to the next. And no-I know nothing about art nor do I appreciate fine culture. I just like to spend your money and then brag about it to my friends.

“All my friends have settled down”,”Am looking for long-term”

Translation: I am a bit older and things aren’t going so well. I am the last of all my bitch friends to get married and this irks me to no end. When will I get my own man slave? It is not FAIR! I want my perfect white wedding with the perfect music in the perfect spot and I want it NOW NOW NOW! I am also tired of paying for everything by myself. Won’t you help me shoulder my burden of debt?

[“I am a princess””Prince charming””I am a queen”

Translation: You had better be a real prince because you are going to need a castle and army to put up with my level of crazy. I put the ‘E’ in entitlement. It is my way everytime. You of course WILL pay for it without being told and if something goes wrong it WILL be your fault. No ifs,ands or buts. I deserve nothing but the best but nothing you provide will EVER be good enough. I also like to withhold sex for the smallest infraction so you better like walking on eggshells. I am quite good at screaming and I like to do it often so I hope you will appreciate that. For now I will wait in my room for you to whisk me away to my fairy- tale fantasy in the land of happily never after. Tee-hee.

I would like to thank all the crazy women on POF for giving me these real lines to translate.

I am thinking of making a POF bingo card with all the codes. We could all see how many are in our immediate area.

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Written by hhb in HBF

1. Do not fight the system. You will lose and the system is totally fucked up.

2. Never disclosed the essence of your personal beliefs and values to anyone, especially to women. Live in stealth mode. Tell people what they want to hear.

3. Never trust a woman that is nice to you. Remember, that all women want something.

4. Never discuss politics, MRA, economics, religion with anyone. Remember, the public is full of non-thinking idiots that parrots sound bites.

5. Be the best you can be at all times. Learn new skills. Show people that you are the best.

6. Never lose control or patience with women. View all women as you would with the same disgust as you would of homosexual males. Remember, most women are mediocre people at best.

7. Never be afraid to get rid of old friends.

8. Stay in shape with exercise.

9. Keep a positive outlook no matter what happens. Never get mad or have rage against anyone or anything it is not worth it. Most people do not have an impact on your life.

10. Avoid television and pop culture at all costs.

11. Avoid single mothers with kids like the plague.

12. Never do any harm. Let others live in their own misery.

13. Never have sex with women. A woman’s vagina is a cesspool of disease and filth. Today’s independent women have the same amount of STD’s and HIV as the average prostitute.

14. Never get married. The little sex you will receive does not outweigh the aggravation and financial ruin that will eventually happen.

15. Learn to be happy living by yourself. Stay busy.

16. Develop a mission in life.

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Gobble, gobble…..

Written by christopheroregon in HBF


Another one of my co-workers has just been plucked clean as a Thanksgiving turkey this week by his ex wife.

Him: 32, three kids.

Income: Base salary: $60,000 a year. Supplemental income has pretty much dried up.

Her: 29, ditto on the kids.

Income: About $50,000 a year.

He had inherited his parent’s home free and clear. She was awarded the home, subject to review after the youngest child is grown. Meaning: he’ll never see the place again, since the youngest child is two.

She gets full and total custody of all children due to false allegations of domestic abuse.

Child support amounts to a whopping $1500 a month.

She will receive $1000 a month in spousal support, to be reduced slightly every year, I believe. I’m not sure of the duration.

She was awarded both cars.

She was awarded all furniture and all household items.

She was awarded all bank accounts.

She even took his X-Box and all of his video games. Even Halo. :o

Just so you don’t think he was forgotten:

He was awarded all marital debts, which are sizable. Including the car payment for the one car that wasn’t paid for.

He was awarded his bicycle.

He was awarded an entire closet full of his clothing. Wow!

He was awarded the value of half his comic book collection, which is considerable. She, of course, has custody of the comic books, and who knows how she’ll dispose of them and for what price.

He was given zero custody of “her” children, and zero visitation. Possible supervised visitation to be decided at a later date. Depending on his behavior.

He was awarded a continuation of a restraining order that bars him from any contact from his ex-wife, or his, uh, HER children. No contact, accidental or otherwise. Any violation of this restraining order will land him in jail- period.

He stands to quite possibly lose his career due to the false DV charges.

Some pertinent facts: His wife has been hostile and violent to both he and the children. The judge, a female, basically ignored his accusations.

His ex-wife is threatening to move to Florida, and he will, in all probability, never see his children again if that happens.

Now, for the fun part:

After subtracting for child support, spousal support, a car payment, and her credit card debt, he is left with (drum roll):

Approximately $160 a month to live on. Yes, let me repeat that:

One-hundred-sixty dollars and an odd number of cents. Give or take.

This has to cover food, rent, transportation, replacement of lost household items….basically everything. One-hundred-sixty dollars a month.

What? You want more? You greedy little devils, you. Okay. It gets better.

He was maxing out his overtime prior to the divorce. Working right and left. A part time job, to boot.

Sounds good? Right? Well, no. Due to the economy, his part time work has just evaporated. Plus, his overtime has been all but eliminated.

Well, the courts being fair and all, he’ll just trot on down to the court house and get a reduction in payments to his wife, right?



No such luck. By maintaining a high income in the recent past, he has shown his POTENTIAL to earn the higher amount, and any drop in pay will be viewed as a deliberate attempt to defraud his ex-wife out of what she is entitled to receive.

This guy is in a state of shock. He has no recourse, no avenues of escape, no nuthin’. He is trapped, neutered, castrated, hog-tied and doomed.

Oh, I almost forgot. He got to keep his bicycle helmet. Actually, he snuck it out when no one was looking. On the day he was served with notice by police to vacate the premises, he was given fifteen minutes to remove his clothing and his bicycle. He was allowed to remove nothing else.

Imagine this: he’s standing in the front yard of the house he was given by his now deceased parents, trying desperately to gather up a large pile of clothing and load it up on his bicycle before his fifteen minutes ran out. That’s what happened to him.

And what’ll probably happen to you if you’re stupid enough to get married.

Christopher in Oregon

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