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Written by future303 for the most part as a reply to another thread in HBF. Link removed as it will be stated. It’s a clear interpretation of  1 Corinthians 7

Coming from a Christian (me).

This is what the Bible says on the matter: (for the sake of brevity, I will write it in point form. You can read the entire chapter here: link removed )

1 Corinthians 7

– It is good for a man not to marry (we ALL know this)
– Because of immorality each man should have his wife, and vice versa
– NEITHER of them should deny each other (So if you’re horny and your wife isn’t, she is bound to sleep with you out of contract. If the reverse happens, you are bound to sleep with her)
– The Apostle Paul says all of this as good advice, not as strict commands. He wishes all were like him, with no sex drive.
– However if you can’t go without sex, better to marry than to burn (Keeping in mind that women did not have the power to destroy a man the same as today)
– If you don’t marry, you did good. If you do marry, you haven’t sinned, but you can expect to run into troubles in life.
– If you are single you can devote your free time to God or whatever you wish. If you are married, you’ll spend most of your time figuring out how to please your wife.
– If you must divorce, do so, but DON’T REMARRY
– If you are a widow, Paul recommends you stay that way.

Read the chapter guys, it’s ALL THERE!!

Apostle Paul was the prototype for MGTOW


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Written by modelautoman in HBF

Greetings Gentlemen,

A few years back when I first started working at a
plumbing supply warehouse there was this one
driver there, Tom (not his real name) who stated
to me that the best place to find a woman was church.
He stated that when he asked me if I was married
or dating anyone and I told him no. I thought, What
makes this guy an expert on where one should meet
a woman? This guy was himself no church-goer or
Christian for that matter and him telling me that church
was the best place to find a woman was way-off base
with this guy. In fact I have seen him look at porno mags
and one time nearly tricked me into it.

This guy was in my opinion nothing more than a well-
-meaning busybody or at worst a man#!&@ who was
unhappy in his marriage and wanted me that way.
And church is not the best place to find a woman
and this brings me to the topic.

I thought about the statement Tom made that time and
that got me to thinking about women and the church.
Of course there are women in church, that’s obvious.
But in a really good and traditional church (mine is as
close to that as it can get this day and age) most
of the women are married and the younger ones are
too young (well for me anyway) and I will not touch
minors. I certainly don’t want any child bride.
The young girls in my church are now coming of age
and these girls would fit the good ones who’d get
snatched up rather quickly as stated many a times
on this board. But I am not going to be the one to
snatch one of them because I think to make a good
Christian marriage work the young lady must meet
a young man and one who is also going in the same
spiritual direction as her, and vice-versa.

And here is something else I believe is noteworthy,
the young women in question come from God-fearing
Christian families and I don’t believe my spirituality
could even match theirs’ because I didn’t get saved
nor even find the Word of God until I was 32 years-old.
I became a Christian late in life and I am not even from
a Christian family. That and certain other issues which
I won’t get into now. So no, I believe I am single for
life. My chances to find a good woman? I blew that
all sky-high a long time ago. Read my old posts if you
want to know more. Its no longer worth repeating.

Now as to any church which does have an abundance
of young, single women, (and I have been to those that
did) I tend to question that church’s teaching. Women are
more likely to want to have their ears tickled (sugar-coated
or watered-down preaching) than men so yes that church
is bound to have an abundance of young single women in
it. But that doesn’t make them any more spiritual. Their
spirituality certainly won’t match mine. I may as well
be unequally yoked with non-believers. It is in fact these
megachurches that have the abundance of women in them.
Feel-good sermons and prosperity theology has always
been appealing to women, especially in these times.

Guys like Tom have it all wrong as far as church being the
best place for me to find a girlfriend/wife. Then again, he
didn’t really know my whole reason for being unattached at
my stage in life. I suppose church would be a great place
if I found Christ at a much younger age, but such isn’t the
case. Oh well, that’s the breaks and that’s the cross I

In fact I am glad for the rarity of young, unattached women
in my church, that means the pastor is preaching the Word
as he is supposed to and less chance of me lusting.

Until next time,


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